We solve legal problems of any complexity and in any jurisdiction for clients of various sizes: from small startups to the largest corporations. Our clients are leaders in their industries.
Legal support for technology companies
Mintos Marketplace AS
Legal and tax support of the business of international fintech startup «Mintos» – a platform for investors from all over the world to acquire claims under loan agreements issued by microfinance organizations, mainly in developing countries – on Russian market
Legal support of the platform on specific issues of the application of legislation on telemedicine, legislation on personal data, as well as on issues of interaction with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation
Wise Wolves Group
Consulting on the legal matters of the new product launch: advice on personal data, user agreement, public offer
Comprehensive consulting on issues related to the turnover of rights from factoring contracts concluded in Russia on a platform registered in Singapore
Legal consulting on the provision and dissemination of information concerning the services of a foreign payment system of Republic of Cyprus in Russia
Elaboration of a set of documents for the launch of the factoring platform (the case is being finalized, but the legal documentation is already prepared and partially placed on the website). Analysis of the taxation structure and preparation of corporate documents of the client and his investor
Establishment of investment funds
Sistema SmartTech
Unicorn Capital Partners
Description of the tax issues of the investment partnership operation and preparation of accounting policy for the managing partner of the investment partnership
Preparation of corporate documents of the managing partner (including the new version of the charter, corporate agreement, options for the conclusion of contracts for the purchase and sale of shares in the authorized capital of the managing partner)
Russian Venture Company (RVC)
Da Vinci Capital
Creation of the investment fund «Youth Business Initiative» in the form of an investment partnership (elaboration of all the documents for the establishment of a legal entity that will act as a managing partner of the fund, preparation, approval and organization of notarization of the investment partnership agreement)
Creation of the «New Industry» investment fund in the form of an investment partnership (elaboration of an investment partnership agreement, ensuring coordination of its terms between four companies with government as a shareholder, organization of notarization)
Advising on legal matters concerning the functioning of investment partnerships, proposing amendments to the investment partnership agreement, participating in the approval of those amendments, advising on the terms of transactions permissible by virtue of the provisions of the investment partnership agreement.
Preparation of a draft of an investment partnership agreement for the establishment of several funds, elaboration of a co-investment agreement between two funds (Russian and foreign fund) under English law
M&A, JV, Restructuring
Aristos Group
5518 Studios
Legal support and structuring of a transaction for the divestiture of a leading company in the retail sector
Comprehensive tax support of a transaction of the divestiture of an American business by a Russian shareholder, including the elaboration of all tax matters, coordination of the cooperation of the Russian and American tax teams, assistance at implementing an agreed solution
GS Invest
Comprehensive legal support and structuring of a transaction of acquisition of an industrial coal mining enterprise
Legal support of the acquisition by a closed-end investment fund managed by one of the largest Russian banks of 26.33% in ADS-Holding from GS Invest
Сomprehensive legal support of a transaction of industrial enterprise acquisition
A Russian entrepreneur from the Forbes Top-200 list
Legal support during consolidation of the entrepreneur’s assets, followed by the introduction of assets into a fund created in the form of an investment partnership
Venture capital investments
GEM Capital
Legal support of a startup and structuring of an investment transaction from the private investor
Legal support of a complex of transactions related to the granting of options under Russian law
Investment fund New Industry
Comprehensive legal support of the acquisition of a startup in the oil and gas sector of economy
Due Diligence of a Russian company on all legal aspects of its establishment and operation, identification and assessment of risks for the purposes of future investment
Legal support of a startup during an investment transaction from Group
Legal support of the startup during the investment transaction from Sberbank within the framework of the 500Startups accelerator, as well as legal support during the next round of investments from a large Russian investment fund
Personal Data Protection
Development of an agreement on the processing of personal data for the transfer of data of European users to Russian Federation on the basis of SCC (Standard contractual closes). Legal assessment of the transferred personal data and advising the client on the legal consequences of concluding this agreement
Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), development of local regulations in accordance with the legislation on personal data protection
Anisoprint S.a. r.l., the resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center
Development of a policy for processing users' personal data, a user agreement and a user consent form for processing personal data to launch the BPlanner mobile app
Elaboration of a distribution agreement for a 3D printer developer, considering the GDPR requirements and the economic interests of the customer. Negotiation of the agreement taking into account the opinion of the client's distributors in various European jurisdictions
Detailed legal consultation on the differences in the regulation of personal data of minors in the EU countries. Development of a strategy for compliance with GDPR requirements in various European jurisdictions
Legal consulting on the launch of a new product: consulting on personal data, development of a user agreement and an offer for the website
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