LCH Private Capital
Legal support of private clients on individually focused legal issues
In order to provide the most comprehensive service to our clients, we maintain close working contacts with law firms, investment consultants, banks, family offices around the world
The structuring and protection of personal and business assets
Provide family and inheritance relations mediation
Relocation planning
Support real estate transactions and investments
We advise private clients on vasious matters concerning
Marriage, children and inheritance
We advise clients who want to execute a prenuptial agreement, establish custody, divorce and implement the division of the property.

We represent the interests of the client in court and act for client in negotiations on the division of jointly acquired property, including issues of compensation for the cost of shares in the business, the performance of alimony obligations, the establishment of paternity, divorce.

We create family trusts and foundations, make wills according to the law of the country where the assets are located, accompany the process of entering into inheritance
Development and approval of draft prenuptial agreements, agreements on the division of property, agreements on the establishment of alimony with the notary
Development of strategies and legal support in disputes on divorce and child rearing, alimony recovery, division of property
Advising on establishing and challenging paternity, deprivation and restriction of parental rights, the process of leaving the Russian Federation by a child, collecting alimony, challenging prenuptial agreements and wills
Protecting the interests of clients in negotiations and courts in family, inheritance and housing disputes in court
Development of wills under Russian and foreign law, support of hereditary cases
Development of the structure of the family trust and trust agreements
Citizenship, residence permit and relocation
We choose the optimal strategy for acquiring citizenship and residence permit in various jurisdictions, taking into account tax, currency and immigration legislation and other essential criteria.

We support our client on all matters during the process of obtaining citizenship of another state, from choosing a country to returning investments in real estate. We assist in opening accounts in foreign banks and undergo «know your customer» (KYC) procedures.

We accompany clients who move abroad in matters of comfortable relocation of family members, organization of children's studies and business
Development of a strategy for obtaining a second citizenship and a residence permit for the client and all the family members
Selection of the best appropriate investment program for getting citizenship
Support of the procedure for obtaining a second citizenship or residence permi
Assistance in opening bank accounts abroad and assistance in organizing money transfers abroad in order to comply with Russian and foreign legislation
Support for relocation of the client and family members
Consulting on education abroad
Advising on the organization of business abroad and compliance with Russian legislation on controlled foreign companies (CFC)
Consulting and support on reporting and notification of state bodies of the Russian Federation on the presence of a second citizenship and foreign accounts
Real estate property, yachts and art objects
We support our clients in transactions with residential premises, land plots and offices, both in Russia and abroad.

We conduct a comprehensive audit of all possible risks concerning further ownership, leasing and sale. We select foreign real estate items for the client's tasks.

We accompany the client during registration, transportation, operation and sale of a yacht or vessel. We register and protect the interests of the client in transactions with works of art
Advising on the acquisition and sale of real estate items, including land plots
Support of real estate transactions abroad, selection of an object for investment and for living
Examination and verification of real estate items before the transaction, identification of shortcomings and potential risks for the client, support of the client during the negotiations on the item
Selection of the optimal jurisdiction and support of yacht or vessel registration
Support for the purchase and sale of pieces of art, protection in disputes about authenticity and insurance of paintings and art objects
Taxes, tax planning and tax reporting
We help our clients in solving all tax issues in Russia and other jurisdictions. We advise on complex issues, prepare documents, work through holding structures, communicate with tax authorities on your behalf and help to resolve controversial issues
Tax advice on complex issues of personal taxation, including advice on foreign taxation
Personal and international tax planning
Development and implementation of Russian and international personal holding mechanisms
Preparation of notifications about participation in a foreign company and notifications about controlled foreign companies (CFCs)
Preparation of tax returns
Development of declarations within the framework of the tax amnesty
Preparation of notifications on opening of a bank account in a foreign bank and cash flow reports
Representation of interests of private clients during the interactions with tax authorities
Investments, structuring and Due Diligence
We help at all stages of investment implementation – advise on risks and help to eliminate them, elaborate and check documents, act for the client during negotiations and support in disputes
Representing the interests of private clients during the process of investments structuring in Russian and foreign companies
Diagnostics of the proposed investment models, assessment of the results of Due Diligence and consulting on identified risks
Advising on the most effective investment methods from a legal and tax point of view
Consulting on the use of foreign investment platforms (for example, Angellist)
Analysis of documents for registration of investments, preparation of proposals for their completion, risk assessment, participation in negotiations
Representation of interests of private clients in case of disputes with other investors and invested companies
Elaboration of the contract and advising on its conclusion, approval of the contract with the head of the client's Family Office, getting the notary approval, organization of notarization. The main goals of the client were to optimize the structuring of the personal assets ownership and to centralize the corporate management of these assets
Establishment of an investment fund in the interests of a client from the Forbes list
The client owns companies in several countries and it was necessary to take into account the tax consequences of relocation.

We have analyzed a number of relevant jurisdictions and settled on the Montenegro program. We have developed a new asset ownership structure taking into account the planned change of tax residency, we supported the sale of part of the client's business during the relocation period
Choosing a jurisdiction for obtaining citizenship in return for investments and for relocation
We analyzed the current structure and proposed the road map, we convinced the provider that the sooner we leave, the better everything will be. We developed all the documents, carried out all the approvals and supported the client during all the process
Legal advice on the change of the structure of asset ownership due to denial of service by the provider
Senior Associate, Co-Head of LCH Private Capital Practice
Sergey Smolin
Senior Associate, Co-Head of LCH Private Capital Practice
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